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CSAIL Technical Reports (July 1, 2003 - present)

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

CSAIL Technical Reports (July 1, 2003 - present)


The CSAIL Technical Reports series includes:

  • Articles (previous published or unpublished)
  • Ph.D., M.Eng., and S.M. theses
  • Technical Reports or memoranda
  • UROP or AUP report advised by a CSAIL member
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Recent Submissions

  • Lombardi, Alex; Vaikuntanathan, Vinod (2017-04-06)
    Lin and Tessaro (Eprint 2017/250) recently proposed indistinguishability obfuscation and functional encryption candidates and proved their security based on a standard assumption on bilinear maps and a non-standard assumption ...
  • Micali, Silvio; Vaikuntanathan, Vinod (2017-03-31)
    We construct a Byzantine Agreement protocol that tolerates t < n/2 corruptions, is very efficient in terms of the number of rounds and the number of bits of communication, and satisfies a strong notion of robustness called ...
  • Kjolstad, Fredrik; Kamil, Shoaib; Chou, Stephen; Lugato, David; Amarasinghe, Saman (2017-02-17)
    Tensor and linear algebra is pervasive in data analytics and the physical sciences. Often the tensors, matrices or even vectors are sparse. Computing expressions involving a mix of sparse and dense tensors, matrices and ...
  • Yu, Peng (2016-10-14)
    Over-subscription, that is, being assigned too many tasks or requirements that are too demanding, is commonly encountered in temporal planning problems. As human beings, we often want to do more than we can, ask for things ...
  • Rosen, David M.; Carlone, Luca; Bandeira, Afonso S.; Leonard, John J. (2017-02-05)
    Many important geometric estimation problems naturally take the form of synchronization over the special Euclidean group: estimate the values of a set of unknown poses given noisy measurements of a subset of their pairwise ...