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Engineering Systems Division (ESD) - Archived

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Engineering Systems Division (ESD) - Archived


MIT is tackling the large-scale engineering challenges of the 21st century through a new organization. The Engineering Systems Division (ESD) creates and shares interdisciplinary knowledge about complex engineering systems through initiatives in education, research, and industry partnerships. ESD broadens engineering practice to include the context of each challenge as well as the consequences of technological advancement.

ESD has a dual mission: to define and evolve engineering systems as a new field of study, and to help advance engineering education and practice by incorporating a holistic systems focus. As a division, ESD establishes an intellectual home for key programs and centers, engages faculty across departments and disciplines, and fosters discourse about engineering innovation.

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Recent Submissions

  • Newman, Dava (2010-12)
    Students in ESD.801 Leadership Development work in a seminar environment to develop leadership capabilities. Readings, assignments and class discussion explore the topics covered in this class. In addition, students ...
  • Salvucci, Frederick; Murga, Mikel (2002-12)
    This class is an introduction to planning transportation in metropolitan areas. The approach, while rooted on the analytical tools which estimate outcomes and alternatives, is holistic. This means starting from ...
  • Selin, Noelle (2011-06)
    ESD.864 Modeling and Assessment for Policy explores how scientific information and quantitative models can be used to inform policy decision-making. Students will develop an understanding of quantitative modeling techniques ...
  • Kocur, George (2006-12)
    This course is an intensive review of information technology. It covers topics in software development methods, data modeling and databases, application development, Web standards and development, system integration, ...
  • Murman, Earll; McManus, Hugh; Weigel, Annalisa; Haggerty, Allen (2008)
    This course introduces the fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles that underlay modern continuous improvement approaches for industry, government and other organizations. Lean emerged from the Japanese automotive industry, ...