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Ocean Engineering (13) - Archived

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Ocean Engineering (13) - Archived


The MIT Department of Ocean Engineering was the oldest of its kind and one of the few in the United States to offer degrees in naval architecture and marine engineering, and in ocean engineering. The Department offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in ocean engineering. In addition, we offered graduate degrees in naval architecture and marine engineering, ocean systems management, naval engineering, and oceanographic engineering.

In 2005, Mechanical Engineering merged with the Department of Ocean Engineering (Course 13) to create a new department made up of approximately 75 faculty, 367 undergraduate students, 227 doctoral students, and 281 masters program students. Following the merger, the newly formed department retained its original name, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which includes the Center for Ocean Engineering.

All courses are now listing the in Department of Mechanical Engineering .

Recent Submissions

  • Herbein, David; McCoy, Timothy J. (Timothy John) (2004-12)
    Introduction to principles of naval architecture, ship geometry, hydrostatics, calculation and drawing of curves of form, intact and damaged stability, hull structure strength calculations and ship resistance. Projects ...
  • Sclavounos, Paul D.; Kimball, Richard Warren, 1963- (2003-12)
    Theory and design of hydrofoil sections; lifting and thickness problems for sub-cavitating sections, unsteady flow problems. Computer-aided design of low drag, cavitation free sections. Lifting line and lifting surface ...
  • Burke, David V. (2003-06)
    Ship longitudinal strength and hull primary stresses. Ship structural design concepts. Effect of superstructures and dissimilar materials on primary strength. Transverse shear stresses in the hull girder. Torsional strength ...
  • Leonard, John J. (2002-12)
    Introductory subject for students majoring or minoring in ocean engineering and others desiring introductory knowledge in the field. Physical oceanography including distributions of salinity, temperature, and density, heat ...
  • Milgram, Jerome H. (2003-12)
    This subject teaches students, having an initial interest in sailing design, how to design good yachts. Topics covered include hydrostatics, transverse stability, and the incorporation of the design spiral into one's working ...